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Cleanroom Construction Services:

Continuous Cleaning Regiments, Top\Down Supercleans

CRM personnel are certified in scissor lift operation and fall protection.

Trained Personnel in cleanroom procedures and monitoring

All CleanRoom Management employees are thoroughly trained in clean zone monitoring and procedures. All materials entering the clean zone are inspected by CRM auditors to allow entry for marked for non-comformity.

CRM provides education classes for construction workers and management

CRM training classes are taught by experienced field presenters and customized to client materials and by priorities.

CRM maintains procedure review forms for construction cleanroom work

CRM has established protocols and corresponding forms for specific tasks and procedures in the cleanroom.

Coordination of Badges:

CRM maintains the log of approved badges, issues new badges, monitors use of badges for clean zone entry, and has the capacity to manufacture badges.

Particle Counts Daily:

CRM does multi-point monitoring of the clean zones. Training reports provide daily updates to anticipate clean level changes.

Garment and Supply Monitoring:

CRM monitors supplies, disposable and gowning.

Tool Hook-up:

CRM assists in tool move-in protocols from arrival on dock, humidity and temperature controls, wipe-down, move-in, to final wipe-down and placement.