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  • Micro-Contamination & Disinfection

    CleanRoom Management offers daily, weekly, monthly cleaning and disinfecting regiments. A clean product is a requirement insuring safe usage for the human body, higher productive yields, increased profits and insuring absolute control.

    We're here for you, day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • Testing & Certification

    CleanRoom Management is an independent third party company licensed and trained to provide quality compliance of cleanrooms, laminar flow hoods, mini-environments and bio-safety cabinets.

    Full compliance with ISO Standards, FDA Requirements, and SOP Specs.

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  • Construction Services

    CleanRoom Management implements proven cleanroom construction protocol to meet contractor milestone requirements, from green field, to certification, to tool installation.

    Custom tailored approach to meet your demands on time and on budget.

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Micro-Cleaning & Disinfection

Let CleanRoom Management provide you with absolute control in your critical environments. Free your talented workforce from the necessities of cleaning and disinfecting. Our trained staff assures your level of quality, production and profit. CleanRoom Management is on call 24 hrs.

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Testing & Certification

Be assured, demonstrate and document your commitment to quality. Comply with ISO standards, FDA requirements and SOP specs. Test and establish baselines to compare the performance of your most critical environments.

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Construction Services

CleanRoom Management is the Protocol Leader in Cleanroom Modification Projects. Documented cleaning, forms and programs, assure owners and contractors work side by side with common interests. Team work, on time and quality assured.

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Client Testimonials

CleanRoom Management solved my cleanroom control concerns. Our partnership has increased yields, eliminated deficiencies, and increased customer satisfaction!

Beth Flake, Technical & Quality Manager